Like it or not, gone are the days when children were freely allowed to bring in cupcakes, brownies, or other sugary snacks for classroom parties and other occasions. State and district requirements vary, but in general schools are advised to offer healthier foods.

Following is a list of healthy classroom snack ideas that are also good ideas for healthy home snacks. Before preparing a class snack, be sure to check in with your child’s teacher about food allergies and whether some students might need a different option.

Savory Snacks

Pretzels With Dip
Place pretzel thins or sticks in muffin wrappers and provide a few different dips, such as hummus or salsa. Encourage the children to avoid double-dipping by providing spoons for the dips.

Veggie Dip Cups
Similar to the pretzels, provide a variety of cut-up vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, celery) in small bowls with dips for sampling. Another option that can reduce mess (and germs) is to put a bit of the dip or dressing into individual cups, then add the vegetables.

Pinwheel Sandwiches
Make tortilla roll-up sandwiches spread with deli meats and cheese or refried beans and shredded cheese. Slice the sandwiches into pinwheels.

String Cheese
String cheese is an easy, contained snack option with lots of simple craft possibilities. You can decorate the wrappers to look like snowmen or bunny rabbits, for example.

Kid-Size Meats and Sauce
Buy or make small turkey meatballs and sauce or all-white chicken strips with barbecue sauce (or another dip).

Sweeter Snacks

Yogurt Sundae Bar
Get several containers of plain or lightly sweetened yogurt and provide different cut-up fruit (strawberries, blueberries, bananas) for the children to add. An alternative is to make yogurt parfaits ahead of time—cups layered with yogurt, fruit, and granola.

Homemade Gorp
Mix air-popped popcorn, dried fruit, nuts, and a handful of semisweet chocolate chips for a yummy, high-energy treat.

Apple Sandwiches
Core large apples and slice into rings. Spread a ring with peanut butter, Greek yogurt, or a low-fat fruit dip; put another ring on top to create a sandwich.

Watermelon Pizza
Provide watermelon cut into pizza-shaped wedges and let kids top their slices with toppings like coconut shreds, raisins, chocolate chips, and banana slices.

Fruit Kebabs
One of the easiest kid-pleasers of all is a variety of cut-up fruits (strawberries, pineapple, melon) arranged on small skewers. Provide strawberry yogurt for an easy dip