One of our biggest winter jobs is trying to prevent our kids from catching colds—or helping them feel better if they do get sick. Here are some great tips from parents like you who are out there fighting the good fight every day! Feel free to share the images below (right click to download) on your social channels, like Facebook and Pinterest.

To help prevent colds

Get plenty of sleep, stay active, and eat healthy food. - Savanna


Teach them to sneeze in the crook of their elbow, not their hands. - Eileen


Wash hands with warm, soapy water, several times a day. - Lisa


Keep toys out of kids' mouths and no sharing of food or drinks. - Rebecca


To comfort sick kids

Cinnamon toast with ginger ale. That's what my mother-in-law always gave my husband, so the kids like that.
- Kathleen


Popsicles and liquid are my go-to for feeling better. - Jessica


Spoonfuls of honey and a good humidifier! - Kerri


Clean sheets, a fluffy pillow, and their favorite books! - Kerry


Make a comfy spot with lots of blankets on the couch and put on some fun cartoons. - Tabitha


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