Parents Are Teachers, Too

Parents contribute to their kids' learning in many important ways. Try these simple educational activities at home to help reinforce school learning.

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10 Questions About Your Child and School

The more you know about how your child deals with challenges and what's expected of him, the better you'll be able to help him achieve. Start by asking these key questions.

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Spotlight: Exercise and Fitness

10 Easy Ways Families Can Exercise Together

Telling kids to “go out and play” doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get the exercise they need. Pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle as a family, however,...

A Balanced Day

Simple steps toward a well-rounded daily routine.

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Music and Movement Can Enhance Reading Skills  |  Connie McCarthy

Listening to children’s music is a fun way to help your young student make connections needed for reading. These connections include: listening memory/recall rhyming language...

Ease the Transition From Middle to Upper School  |  Livia McCoy

Transitioning from middle to upper school is difficult for many students. In my area of the country, 9th grade is considered upper school. Often students...