Question: co-chairing pto - need help!!!

I agreed to co-chair the PTO next year and my cc is already driving me crazy with her disorganization. Help!


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TimPTO writes:
Hi Penny - You might want to bring that question over to www.ptotoday.com, which specializes in all the many challenges (and occasional joys?) of leading a PTO. As a relatively disorganized PTO leader myself, can you guys be complementary. Does your co-chair have other skills that are great? And perhaps you can pick up the slack on the organization front. Teamwork. Tim
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Community Advice

Sibbyo writes:
I'm on our pto and every year there is someone on the committee like that - LOL. Tim brings up a really good point - have each co chair work on things that use their strengths. I also have found that email is a great way to cut down on the friction... so you get things organized with your check list and documents etc. and then instead of having a lot of meetings to discuss plans - do it thru email.
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Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Hi Penny-
Sounds like you're getting some good advice here. Just in case you haven't been to our ptotoday.com site, its a great resource for parent group leaders. Here's an article that you might find helpful:
How To Deal With Difficult People
Also, you might want to post this question on our message boards.
Beyond that, you'll find ideas, programs and tools to make your job as PTO chair easier! Best of luck
~ Lisa
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