Question: Temper tantrums

Lots of stressful stuff happening in my house lately. My DD (age 5) has been throwing massive temper tantrums, which we ignore. She seems very volatile and emotional. Any ideas on how we can get her to control her emotions or talk about what is bothering her?


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Truebella writes:
Did your dd jsut start K? IF so that alone is stressful for her and probably making her emotional. One of my kids is highly emotional and we find that art is a great outlet for her. She does these drawings or paointing and it is amzing how it shows her feelings. Then we ask her to tell us about them. It usally gives a clue about what is eating at her.
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ErinTM writes:
Thanks! That's a help.
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Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Love the art idea TrueBella! Another way that worked for my kids was to role play with stuffed animals. We could would pretend they were at school and have them act out different scenes -- often the animals told me things that my kids were not able to ; ) I think that TB is right that Kindergarten is a huge transition, even if kids went to daycare of preschool. So much is expected of Kindergarteners these days and they feel it in their little bodies but they don't no what to do with the stress... so they fall apart at home. Doesn't make it easy on you but I find if I have an inkling about why my kids are emotional, it helps me deal with it.
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