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Our 5 year old is now on her 2nd week of kindergarten. She loves school but we keep receiving these notes from the teacher saying that she gets off track and it's becoming a daily issue. We first tried talking with her then bribing her with toys...then that wasn't working so we started taking priveleges away at home (tv, no playing outside with neighborhood friends). We are new to all of this. We want her to understand that she is at school to focus and learn but we are worried that all the lecturing about these notes from the teacher are going to cause her to dislike school. It's never fun to be lectured over and over. Please help.


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awmsrocks writes:
just bring her home from school and for an hour or two try to help her focus on school that should help
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amontoya12 writes:
I am not sure if she went to preschool, but if she didn't it may just take some time for her to get into what is the routine while at school. I am also a first time at this and my son also in kindergarten has sort of the same problem, he will sometimes not do a task but because he does not understand it and will just sit there. He has slowly been getting better at getting involved and following directions. This may be the same for your daughter. Also, talking to her on a daily basis (but without disciplining her) since this is all new and like you said we dont want them to hate school.
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