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(3 responses)

Skipped in 1st Grade, Failing in 8th
My son is essentially failing this 2nd quarter of 8th grade. He's a smart k...
Asked by johnnieblackwell in Middle School

(1 response)

Middle School Transition
My daughter is in her 3rd month in 6th grade. (k-8 school). This is the fir...
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School

(3 responses)

How to help my son get ready for middle school
My son is in 5th grade and the talk is starting about the big move up to th...
Asked by CarolineL in Middle School

(2 responses)

My child is being hurt by his teacher! What do I do?!?!
Asked by Alex98 in Middle School

(2 responses)

When to talk to teachers?
This may seem like an odd question - my middle school son does well in scho...
Asked by LizJ in Middle School

(1 response)

Need help on solving probabilities
If you have 10 balls numbered 1-10 in a box. What is the P(9, then 3). I'm...
Asked by dgbuell in Middle School

(11 responses)

How do I get my 11 year old to talk to me?
Ever since my daughter started Middle School she will not tell me anything...
Asked by Sibbyo in Middle School