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No math book to use to follow instructions.
My second grade granddaughter struggles with math all the time. She does'n...
Asked by HelpLiyah in Homework/Studying

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Math help
I am frustrated with the lack of help that my 8 year old is getting in 3rd...
Asked by Anonymous in Homework/Studying

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My daughter is in grade 1. She can spel but finds it very difficult to pron...
Asked by gaffoor_queeny in Homework/Studying

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Struggling to remember
My daughter is in grade 1, when ever the teacher or we the parents explain...
Asked by gaffoor_queeny in Homework/Studying

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What is an "interjection" in sentence structure?
Asked by jwb-pocomoke in Homework/Studying

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Homework tears
We just starting the school year and my 1st grader is already ending up in...
Asked by Reilly in Homework/Studying

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Homework incentives?
My second grader seems to have spring fever and I am at my wits end. I am c...
Asked by JD2000 in Homework/Studying

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my daugter has to write a quick write, about winter olympics .question is ,...
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Asked by tiger in Homework/Studying

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Homework Help
Can someone please tell me how to help my first grade grandson solve this f...
Asked by bluebird06 in Homework/Studying

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my son is in kinder but doesn;t know how to spell his name any suggestions?
my sons just started kinder and does't know how to spell his name. how can...
Asked by Merceditas in Homework/Studying