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Integer rules
How do I divide negative integers?
Asked by pookie in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

ADHD 6th grader
my middle school son 6th grade, dosen't bring work home then gets all f's, what can I do? I can't get...
Asked by kayann in Challenges

(2 responses)

My 11yr old Son can't seem to get his mind off of playing xbox-live!
My 11 yr old step-son who I've been looking after for about 4 years now can't seem to get his mind out...
Asked by josselle1021 in Technology and Kids

(1 response)

where can i find ged classes on line
Asked by LINDA5 in Challenges

(2 responses)

where can i get help for my child he is dyslexia and also has ADHD.
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

(0 responses)

recipe word problems
need some examples of recipes for word problems
Asked by Anonymous in Homework/Studying

(3 responses)

my daughter is 10yrs old n is not doing well in school she gets plenty of help in school but know shes...
Asked by Garcia$ in Challenges

(2 responses)

6 yr. old waking parents up in the middle of the night
My 6 year old daughter wakes us up every night and tells us she can't fall back to sleep unless we rub...
Asked by Deb Guglielmo in Discipline/Behavior

(2 responses)

Peeing his pants at school
My son (5) has peed his pants 3 times at school already. I have noticed this since he began his "full"...
Asked by amontoya12 in Kindergarten

(1 response)

how can i help my daughter to focus
my 8year old daughter is very playful and does not focus and finish her homework or dask given to her.how...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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