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Ask questions and share answers to help your kids have a successful year.

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(3 responses)

I have a daughter going to the seventh grade and my son to the fourth, what...
Asked by ballmom in Summer Learning Activities

(1 response)

I am looking for an easy way to keep track of my students when they are in...
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

(1 response)

I need help and ideas about writing an elementary school newsletter
I have been asked by the principal and staff at our elementary school to ta...
Asked by kcowles in Being an Involved Parent at School

(1 response)

Homeschool and academics delat
How do I tell a friend who homeschools her six year old child that I think...
Asked by Gelbvieh in Homeschooling

(2 responses)

If I missed 20 out of 70 questions, what percent did I get right?
Asked by Anonymous in Homework/Studying

(1 response)

she doesn't want to be my friend
As a first year 2nd grade teacher, I am dealing wuth my 2nd grade girls' so...
Asked by Mr. M in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

(3 responses)

making friends
how can I help my 3rd grader, son, make friends?
Asked by christineloreto in Challenges

(3 responses)

My son is going to the 3rd grade but he actually flunked the 2nd
I have a son that is so far behind in school. He comes home and says mom th...
Asked by tamika816 in Public School

(1 response)

PTO Meetings
Are there any quidelines to keeping a meeting on track?
Asked by mickeydiva in Being an Involved Parent at School

(5 responses)

Son failing high school
My son is extremely intelligent. He recently took a test where the highest...
Asked by blondensmart in Discipline/Behavior