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What if my child wants to change schools?
My first grade daughter currently attends a charter school. It is a good school with high scores and...
Asked by Anonymous in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

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what do these letters mean
what do the letters on attendance sheet mean, these are uex, ext,exc,eed,unt,
Asked by brendabennett in Middle School

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Schools helping Parents
Small Charter School wants to teach low income parents to help thier children succeed. Ideas include...
Asked by bbakdash in Being an Involved Parent at School

(2 responses)

My som has was shown a movie for black history month andit taught him racism. (1st grade) He thinks he...
Asked by jaejae76 in Elementary School

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My granddaughter pretends she is a butterfly etc while the other kids are doing their homework....she...
Asked by cvgonzales5 in Discipline/Behavior

(1 response)

Frustrated with administration
Last semester My daughter had a hard time with homework and used excuses not do it. We have been working...
Asked by Annie209 in Education Issues/Policies

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mulitiplication division fact families
what is multiplication division fact families please give examples
Asked by cat in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Dyslexia in a child
I am a classroom teacher, how do I help a child with dyslexia cope in the class?
Asked by Promyce in Challenges

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Lack of self esteem
Daughter is very negative about herself. Saying she's fat, dumb, ect. And I turn it around and say positive...
Asked by flywaybutterfly in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

(1 response)

Where do you get them?
Asked by humphrey123 in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

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