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multiplication tables
my grandson has started learning his times tables. When I learned my tables the lay out was i.e. 4 x1=4,...
Asked by whiskey24 in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Nighttime behavior
For the last week my 8 year old (2nd) grader does not want to sleep upstairs and she won't fall asleep...
Asked by Concerned Older Mother in Discipline/Behavior

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i have a big problem
my kid just got in a fight and i need help to figure out what to do with him
Asked by smart single dad in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

(3 responses)

Having Problem sitting still in the classroom
My son failing math and languge art. Teachers said that he having problem stayig focus. Counselor said...
Asked by Alexander in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

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How to get my child to reading? - My child struggled with his reading. Does anyone have any suggestions...
Asked by ballmom in Testing & Standards

(2 responses)

undiagnosed learning dissability
what to do and how i can help my son..he is 15yrs old now and having problem in comprehension and understanding..
Asked by Anonymous in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

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Writing Difficulties
My son is in 1st grade and he has Asperger's Syndrome and OCD. He is receiving OT at school but for...
Asked by dylan0215 in Being an Involved Parent at School

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shool not doing enough to prevent bullying on my daughter
For about two years my daughter has been victim of bullying at school. We have made aware authorities...
Asked by photoworks in Public School

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How to deal with lying, homework issues and authority issues
What are some options for me to assist my teen in issues with lying, homework issues and defiant against...
Asked by 398156 in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

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Range of resposibilities for children
What is a good range of responsibility for a 4 y/o w special needs? He just got glasses. How accountable...
Asked by bigredgma in Challenges


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

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