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special needs children
where do i go to find a school that has emotionally conflicted class. I liv...
Asked by dlegalsi in Discipline/Behavior

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She can not pass her math tests.
My 4th grader understands the math , but when it is time for the test she f...
Asked by pwmiller in Challenges

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My son is extremely athletic though on the small side. He excels in soccer...
Asked by Anonymous in Discipline/Behavior

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Place value
I feel like an idiot for not knowing this, son has a hundreds char...
Asked by LALITTLE in Homework/Studying

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Learnng Disability
How do I teach a pretee to read with a AD disorder?
Asked by Jashun in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Conversion of measurements
How do you convert feet into inches and yards? Example. How many yards is 7...
Asked by Faith92801 in Homework/Studying

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Where can I take my son to be tested for dyslexia?
Asked by Water142 in Being an Involved Parent at School

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halloween month
What month is halloween?
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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Get Ready checklist
I want to customize my get ready checklist but it won't work. how do i cust...
Asked by Amandatammy in Discipline/Behavior

(4 responses)

My child was held back last year and she was given the same teacher this ye...
Asked by Anonymous in Education Issues/Policies