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How to say thank you to 8th grade teachers? What is proper?
What is a proper gift to give 8th grade teachers at Christmas time?
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School

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I am a Director at a Preschool and also have worked as the Pre-K Teacher For the Past 11 years. The Problem...
Asked by Anonymous in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

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Classroom arrangement
The elements you choose for your classroom (furniture, equipment, decorations, etc.) and their arrangement...
Asked by Anonymous in Education Issues/Policies

(3 responses)

Skipped in 1st Grade, Failing in 8th
My son is essentially failing this 2nd quarter of 8th grade. He's a smart kid, though, TAG, even. They...
Asked by johnnieblackwell in Middle School

(3 responses)

Bully in 2nd grade
At a social event my daughter's 2nd grade friend told her, "I wish you would kill yourself". My daughter...
Asked by Anonymous in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

(1 response)

jump in magazine
Hi, i received Jump In magazine from my kid school. it is very nice. please let me know where can i...
Asked by Anonymous in Being an Involved Parent at School

(1 response)

teaching my child how to sign his name
Asked by exmsparker in Challenges

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how can get help for my son?
he is in 5th grade and is getting all fail except science he get a A in science but all other subject...
Asked by coconut95 in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

(1 response)

how do you teach an 11 year old how to read i have been trying an no success so far please i need help...
Asked by Anonymous in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

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Middle School Transition
My daughter is in her 3rd month in 6th grade. (k-8 school). This is the first year they are trying a...
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School

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