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Ask questions and share answers to help your kids have a successful year.

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does anyone have trouble communicating with k teacher?
Enter your question here.
Asked by in Kindergarten

(4 responses)

Grandparents as
When an adult (single) mother lives back with her parents and the grandpare...
Asked by srparent in Challenges

(6 responses)

Kindergartener writing
My Kindergartener is dying to be able to write stories like her older siste...
Asked by dixiemom in Kindergarten

(1 response)

My daughter has lack of effort
My daughter is in 3rd grade and usually does very well. Mostly A and in exc...
Asked by SAIL92 in Discipline/Behavior

(2 responses)

What is 50+1000000000000=?
What is 50+1000000000000=?
Asked by Jaden in Charter Schools

(1 response)

First grade student
What do I do when my son's teacher wants to put him in basic skills for rea...
Asked by ddspicrn in Education Issues/Policies

(7 responses)

Gifted in reading but not in math
What if my kid is ahead in reading (like can read chapter books in kinderga...
Asked by ErinTM in Gifted/Talented Kids

(2 responses)

My child is being hurt by his teacher! What do I do?!?!
Asked by Alex98 in Middle School

(5 responses)

How do you go about taking you child out of school and home schooling them?
Would like to know how to go about doing this.
Asked by kspin67 in Homeschooling

(7 responses)

Kindergartener not reading
We are almost to the half way mark of the school year and my kindergartener...
Asked by Lexy in Kindergarten