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School Supply Shopping help
Anyone have suggestions on how to avoid the school supplies shopping nightm...
Asked by CarolineL in Elementary School

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do you have work sheets on percents?
trying to teach my child percentages, do you have studies on this?
Asked by kimberlygray90 in Homework/Studying

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print out homework
I want to print out the math word problems homework for my child, but I see...
Asked by annahuang in Homework/Studying

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Martial Arts and Children
I've done martial arts for a number of years and am considering taking up m...
Asked by superdub in Extracurricular Activities

(2 responses)

Controlling sweets
I want my kid to eat well but I also don't want to be fascist about it. I h...
Asked by superdub in Challenges

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What are some ways to keep my computer safe for my kids?
I have an older PC I am giving to my kids for games because they keep semi-...
Asked by superdub in Technology and Kids

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How many activities is too many?
My 9 year-old has been pestering me to add soccer and ballet to her 5 other...
Asked by Sibbyo in Extracurricular Activities

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Can I get my son's teacher assignment changed
We just got my son’s teacher assignment for next year and it is not a goo...
Asked by Mom2BK in Elementary School

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How do I get my 11 year old to talk to me?
Ever since my daughter started Middle School she will not tell me anything...
Asked by Sibbyo in Middle School

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Extracurricular Activity suggestions for 7 yr old who hates losing
My 7 year old detests losing. Can anyone suggest any activities that I can...
Asked by CarolineL in Extracurricular Activities