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Connie's Classroom

Connie McCarthy
Connie McCarthy is passionate about her work as a teacher of young children. She has devoted her entire career to making sure that her students do well at school, right from the start. Connie has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She has been teaching first grade in East Providence, R.I. for 23 years, where she received the distinction of “Highly Qualified Teacher” by the Rhode Island State Board of Regents. Connie also taught nursery school for four years, and published numerous articles on early education in East Bay Newspapers in Bristol, R.I. She’s also been published in PTO Today Magazine. She lives with her husband, Brian, and has a daughter and a son, both young adults. Connie enjoys reading, writing about elementary education, and taking long walks with friends. During summer vacations, she likes to travel with her husband. She also loves reading readers’ comments on her weekly blog posts.

Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten With Common Core Standards

Jun 25, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Kindergarten, Counting, Connie McCarthy, Common Core Standards

The National Common Core Standards are sequential skills from kindergarten through high school. They are comprehensive, purposeful instruction to promote student achievement in both English/language arts and mathematics. The... Read more
3 Easy Ways to Get Your Child “Hooked” on Books This Summer!

Jun 19, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Summer Reading, Summer Learning, Reading, Kindergarten, Kids Reading, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

Reading is like playing an instrument: Without practice, you’ll get rusty. Each summer, when my husband was a young boy in elementary school, my mother-in-law, Mimi, would find age appropriate books that would intere... Read more
“Experts” Give Advice to Kindergarteners About Becoming 1st Graders

Jun 11, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Kindergarten, 1st Grade

My 1st grade students and I were recently having a discussion about how much they have grown and learned this past school year. I asked them if they remembered how they felt when they started 1st grade. Then, I asked them wha... Read more
Let Young Students Make Lots of Mistakes!

Jun 04, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Teachers, Kids Learning, Connie McCarthy

 Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.  —Albert Einstein   Taking academic risks and making mistakes are both essential to learning. Recently, in my 1st grade class, we were w... Read more
1st Grade, 2nd Grade End-of-Year Academic Checklist

May 29, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Preschool, Kids Writing, Kids Reading, Kids Math, Connie McCarthy

If you're the parent of a child completing 1st or 2nd grade, how do you know if your child has mastered the skills necessary for moving up to the next grade? The following academic checklist can help. While it isn't a compre... Read more
Preschool, Kindergarten End-of-the-Year Academic Checklist

May 21, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

For most students, the school year is coming to an end in the next few weeks. But as a parent, how do you know if your child is prepared for the next phase? Here is a simple checklist for your preschool or kindergarten child... Read more
My Personal Experience With Kindergarten “Redshirting”

May 14, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Kindergarten, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

Academic “redshirting” (holding children back so that they're older when entering kindergarten) has been a hot topic lately. But, many years ago, before the term redshirting was borrowed from college football and ... Read more
Moms, You Are Appreciated More Than You May Know!

May 08, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in, Kids Writing, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

Moms, I’m here to let you know that all those little things you do for your children are noticed! During these past two weeks, my 1st grade class has been preparing for our annual “Mother’s Day Tribute.&rdqu... Read more
The Most Important Question You Should Ask Your Child’s Teacher, Right Now!

Apr 30, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in, School Success, Parent-Teacher Conference, Kindergarten, Kids Learning, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

In the beginning of May, I highly recommend that all parents ask their child’s teacher a very important question: “Is my child on grade level?” If the answer is no, there is still enough time left in the sch... Read more
5 Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month and “Poem in Your Pocket” Day

Apr 25, 2012 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in, Kindergarten, Kids Writing, Kids Reading, Kids Learning, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

April is National Poetry Month and this Thursday, April 26, is “Poem in Your Pocket Day.” Both are national celebrations of poetry whereby adults and children are encouraged to share a poem with someone. Introduci... Read more