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Join our bloggers as they share their experiences on the challenges and joys of helping children succeed in school.
Livia McCoy
How to Help Struggling Students Build Self Esteem

Apr 04, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Parent Involvement, Livia McCoy, Learning Disabilities

My heart broke just a little when one of my students recently told me, "I’m just ready to give up." I thought a lot about him and what might help him feel better about himself. Children who struggle in school need some... Read more
Connie McCarthy
"Five Fingers" Can Determine the Right Book

Mar 30, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Parent Involvement, Kids Reading, Kids Learning, Connie McCarthy

When young children begin to read they love to go to the library and choose their own books. Yet, parents often wonder how a child can pick out a book on their own that is appropriate for their reading level. Here is a simpl... Read more
Livia McCoy
Using Webbing to Study for a Test

Mar 28, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Livia McCoy, Kids Learning, Fun Learning Activities

Webbing is a great study strategy for some students. It is especially good for visual learners and those who need to see the "big picture" -- the ones who focus on the overall concept rather than the details that support it.... Read more
Connie McCarthy
Educational Uses for Sticky Notes

Mar 23, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Kids Writing, Kids Reading, Kids Math, Kids Learning, Connie McCarthy

I think "sticky notes" are one of the world’s greatest inventions! Their educational uses can be fun and creative. Young children love working with them. Here are four ways to use these helpful notes to inspire read... Read more
Livia McCoy
The Quick Fix for Learning Disabilities

Mar 21, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Livia McCoy, Learning Disabilities, ADHD

When you have a child with a learning disability or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) you yearn for a way to help. Parents are confronted with offers for reading programs, diets, vitamin regimens, and medical d... Read more
Countdown to Middle School

Mar 17, 2011 - Posted by SchoolFamily in School Success, Parent Involvement, Middle School

We are excited to have Sue Blaney as a guest blogger this week. Sue Blaney is an author, speaker and communications expert. Please visit to get tips, resources and information. There you can lear... Read more
Connie McCarthy
Helping Kids Make a Reading and Math Connection

Mar 16, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in School Success, Parent Involvement, Kids Reading, Kids Math, Kids Learning, Fun Learning Activities, Connie McCarthy

Although reading and math are two separate subjects there is a strong connection between the two. Helping your child improve their math vocabulary will in turn help them improve their math comprehension. Here are three easy ... Read more
Livia McCoy
Computer-Assisted Reading

Mar 14, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Technology, Livia McCoy, Learning Disabilities, Kids Reading

If your child has trouble reading, or reads too slowly, she might benefit from text-to-speech software. Text-speech-software takes any text in digital format (such as on the Internet or in a word processor) and reads it alou... Read more
Searching for Balanced & Tasty Before-School Breakfasts

Mar 09, 2011 - Posted by SchoolFamily in School Success, Nutrition, Middle School, Kids Learning, High School, Helicopter Parents, Health and Fitness, Elementary School

Is it just me or is getting your kids to eat breakfast before school a challenge?  I am ever-conscious of not being a helicopter parent, but when it comes to breakfast, this is one battle that I pick.  As the school... Read more
Livia McCoy
Study Strategies that Match Your Child’s Learning Style

Mar 08, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in School Success, Livia McCoy, Kids Learning

Students do better in school if they understand how they best learn. Some need to see a demonstration to learn something new. Others need to read about it and study illustrations in a book. A few people just need for someo... Read more