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Tim Sullivan
Mommy Business Cards

Jul 23, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Tim Sullivan, Parent Involvement

What will they think of next? I love this concept, but I think there's a huge, huge missing ingredient. Have you seen these new mommy business cards? How can you possibly fit all the needed job titles on a single card? I mean... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Back to Shopping

Jul 20, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Back to School

School starts here in three weeks, and the back-to-school advertising blitz is in full force. My neighborhood big-box retailer has long since converted its seasonal section into a smorgasbord of spiral notebooks.In Georgia, w... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Summer vs. School

Jul 18, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Summer Learning, Back to School

I think we hit that point today when it's finally OK to start talking about school again. We're about 5 weeks into summer vacation in these parts (with 6 weeks to go), and like the first robin of spring today was the first da... Read more
Tim Sullivan
School Fashion Police

Jul 13, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in School Clothes

In the public schools I attended, the dress code was plain and simple: no shorts, no hats, and nothing too skimpy. How times have changed. This week, I read about a girl given in-school suspension for wearing Tigger socks and... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Blame Mr. Rogers

Jul 10, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Tim Sullivan, Parent Involvement, Kids Learning, Helicopter Parents

When I was a kid, I'd sprawl out on my parents' bed each morning before kindergarten to watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I loved Mr. Rogers. Not so much the show, which creeped me out a bit (particularly the puppet Lady Elaine... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Plugged In at Summer Camp

Jul 06, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Technology, Summer Learning

I've always loved going to camp, so when I was asked to spend last weekend supervising middle school campers, I jumped at the chance. The last time I'd worked at a camp was in college, when I spent a steaming summer in a plat... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Back-to-School Budget

Jul 05, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Extracurricular Activities

Who needs tuition? This Cincinnati story on back-to-school price tags makes the case that the average public school parent, too, is shelling out more and more $$ for what once was considered basics. Are we balancing school bu... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Dinnertime Debate

Jul 02, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

Since my oldest child started on solid food (a little more than 13 years ago), I've been feeling guilty about how rarely our family sits down together for meals. Those first few years I worried that we were missing an opportu... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Graduations Gone Wild

Jun 29, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Middle School, Kids Learning, High School, Elementary School

In a thought-provoking Newsweek column, Rabbi Marc Gellman weighs the pros and cons of child graduations.Pros: Graduations celebrate learning and provide motivation to pursue goals. Most important, they show kids that they ha... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Toddler Soccer: Too Much, Too Soon?

Jun 29, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Extracurricular Activities

I read some shocking news this week. Here in my very own community, kids as young as 18 months are training to become the soccer stars of tomorrow. The toddlers I know are content sticking toys in their mouths and mashing Pla... Read more