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Join our bloggers as they share their experiences on the challenges and joys of helping children succeed in school.
Carol Brooks Ball
When School Lunch Is A Cold Cheese Sandwich

Dec 13, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Teachers, School Lunch, PTOs and PTAs, Nutrition, Middle School, High School, Health and Fitness, Elementary School

It’s happened to all of us. Your child tells you the night before that he’s out of lunch money in his account at school and needs it for the next day—or else. That “or else” used to mean a stern ... Read more
Livia McCoy
Helping Kids By Reducing the Demands on Working Memory

Dec 13, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Middle School, Livia McCoy, Learning Disabilities, Kindergarten, Kids Writing, Kids Learning, Homework, Elementary School

Note: Please read Livia McCoy's earlier post that defines working memory, before reading this blog post. Otherwise, it may not make much sense! Imagine that your daughter has not mastered cursive handwriting. This is a likely... Read more
Connie McCarthy
Holiday Gifts Your Child Can Make to Create Memories

Dec 12, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Teachers, Middle School, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

Every Christmas, when my family decorates our tree, we make sure to put on the “Silver Walnut” ornament.  This was a gift that my husband, Brian, made for his mother when he was a 7-year-old Cub Scout.  ... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Bah humbug on teacher gifts, say Alabama lawmakers

Dec 08, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Teachers, Teacher Appreciation,, PTOs and PTAs, Parenting, Parent Involvement, Middle School, High School, Elementary School

Have you and your children decided on what teacher gifts you’ll be giving for the holidays? If you’ve chosen a $25 gift card and you live in Alabama, you’ll want to reconsider—lest your gift sends a te... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Helping Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

Dec 08, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in, Parenting, Parent Involvement, Nutrition, Middle School, Kids Learning, Health and Fitness, Elementary School

Does your son complain about his hair? Does your daughter say horrible things about her thighs? Do your other kids make occasional comments about being "fat?" And do you worry what they'll be feeling and saying about themselv... Read more
Carissa Rogers
Rewards, Movies, and Holiday Parties? Oh My!

Dec 07, 2011 - Posted by Carissa Rogers in Teachers,, School Curriculum, Parenting, Parent Involvement, Middle School, Kindergarten, Kids Learning, Fun Learning Activities, Elementary School, Carissa Rogers

Is any work getting done in school during the holiday months? I recently came across a Facebook group discussion about using classrooms using movies as a reward for everything from meeting accelerated reader (AR) reading goal... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Survey says sexting is less prevelant than originally believed

Dec 06, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in, Parent Involvement, Middle School, Internet Safety, High School, Health and Fitness, Elementary School, Cell Phones

The Internet has been abuzz this week with news that the practice of sexting—kids texting naked photos or videos of themselves or others via cell phone—is nowhere near as rampant as we’d all been led to beli... Read more
Livia McCoy
A Positive Approach: Teach By Catching Kids Doing Something Right!

Dec 06, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Teachers,, Parent Involvement, Middle School, Livia McCoy, Kids Learning, High School, Elementary School

Parents and teachers have a tendency to tell children what they are doing wrong. That’s our job, isn’t it? But wouldn’t it be better to tell them how to do things right instead? “You need to keep worki... Read more
Connie McCarthy
6 Questions for a Successful Parent Teacher Conference

Dec 05, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in, Parenting, Parent-Teacher Conference, Parent Involvement, Kindergarten, Kids Learning, Elementary School, Connie McCarthy

National standards have set the bar for academic achievement, which means that today it is clear what a student should have achieved by certain points in the school year. Parent teacher conferences are a terrific opportunity ... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Should A School Limit Parental Access to Teachers? No Way!

Dec 01, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Teachers, Parent-Teacher Conference, Parent Involvement, Elementary School

File this under the category of: What the heck were they thinking? Last week, education officials at an elementary school in Seattle, WA, sent a letter home to parents of children at the school, advising them of a new limit i... Read more