Choosing a Preschool
Ask questions and exchange ideas on how to find the right pre-school for your child
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Started by Lisa @ School Family.
Last replied by ErinTM 07-20-2009


Lisa @ School Family, 2009-07-09 10:14:10
Lisa @ School Family
Hi Angela! Thanks for jumping in. Did your kids go to preschool? Would love for you to let us know how you chose their school in the "How did you choose your preschool" discussion. You might also be interested in the middle school group- Whenever you want to add to the discussion, just join the group first, then click on the discussion link to get started! ~Lisa
adh970305, 2009-07-02 18:04:30
Hello, my name is Angela. I have 3 kids. 12 yrs. old going into the 6th grade. 5 yrs. old going into kindergarden. 4 yr. old, starts school next year. I'm a SAHM.