Morning before school mayhem
Help- I have 3 kids and our mornings getitng ready for school are driving me crazy. I try to do as much as possible the night before but there is still dilly dallying and fighting. Anyone have ideas on how to make our mornings calmer?!!
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Started by Cole.
Last replied by Cole 10-27-2009


victoria4563, 2009-10-28 13:55:46
It sounds like you have it all together now. One thing I woud like to add is that children respond really well to being timed, as you have discovered. But the best part is timing works for all types of activities. Holiday time in my family was a real mess. Once all the gifts had been unwrapped, paper covered the floor. I used to play a game with the children in the family. I would say "go" and count out loud 1,2,3...10 as they ran around picking up all the paper to be tossed. It never failed that their clean up beat my count. They "won" the game evertime it was played.The best part is that it never got old to them. Try it this holiday season. See if it works for you!
Cole, 2009-10-27 15:44:14
Hi LoveSoulAime- That's funny that you mention a count down because one thing that a friend recommended that helps is putting our kitchen timer on for 8 minutes before its time to go. That way if there's any dilly dallying they know they need to be out the door in 8 minutes & that gives them time to clean up their dishes and brush their teeth... may have to change it 10 now that winter is coming : )
LovingSoulAime, 2009-10-01 10:40:14
Hello cole, I am in the same boat, it just never seems like we do enough huh? lol. what I do is remind them of how much time they have and continue to encourage them to move a little a count down to prepare them for thier exit time.