Does anyone shop on-line?
I live in the Middle of Nowhere in Arizona! We live 60 miles down a desert dirt road! I do just about all of my shopping on-line! Wondering who else shops on-line!
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Started by allfortheohana.
Last replied by sherjenks 10-15-2009


allfortheohana, 2009-09-26 01:33:23
Ladies, I would love to know your opinion! It has been almost 7 since I lived in civilization, and 4 months since I left the desert. My hubby and oldest daughter go to town and gather the supplies. I stay home with the younger two to keep an eye on the place and equipment. I love it! I shop on-line for nearly everything besides parishables. We wouldn't want anyone picking out our produce! LOL! I am on Facebook. I wanted to share with my friend's and family what I do. I am have no idea how to relate to them though when it comes to how I help support our life out here. Could you please take a look and give me your opinion! If you love shopping on, Ma is the biggest competion! Except only by word of mouth, not commercials! I would greatly appreciate your opinion! Please let me know what you think! Thank you so much!
Emily, 2009-09-24 15:09:53
I'm in a city, too, but do a lot of online shopping. The last order I placed was with an office supply store that has a location just a few miles from me, but they have free delivery, and time is money, as they say!
ErinTM, 2009-09-24 12:41:07
I shop online all the time, and I live in a very urban place with every store imagineable. I even do my grocery shopping online!