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Join our bloggers as they share their experiences on the challenges and joys of helping children succeed in school.
Tim Sullivan
Parent Involvement Your Way

Jun 23, 2008 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

Just found this excellent year-long feature from New Haven, CT. The focus: how several parents made parent involvemnt work for themselves on their own schedules and within their own interests. Great, great stuff. And a lot fo... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Getting Involved (not *how* you get involved) is What Matters

Jun 11, 2008 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in PTOs and PTAs, Parent Involvement, Back to School

Took me a couple of reads to actually like this story from England about the joys and perils of connecting with the PTO or PTA at your school.My first reaction was to criticize the stereotypical portrayal that parent group vo... Read more
Tim Sullivan
More research: parent involvement works!

Jun 03, 2008 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

And you thought those dinner conversations and parent-teacher conferences didn't matter :-)....A pair of University of New Hampshire economists add more proof to what we've known for years -- parent involvement makes a proven... Read more
Tim Sullivan is Here

May 28, 2008 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement, Back to School

Welcome to our newest resource for involved moms and dads --, you'll find tons of great articles for helping you help your school-aged kids do great and helping you and your family keep school sane. Ove... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Hey Mom, done your homework yet?

Oct 09, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement, Homework

A high school English teacher in New Jersey is making waves for requiring parents to read the same assignments as their kids and comment about them on his blog. The teacher explained to The New York Times that because parent ... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Be There or Be Square

Oct 02, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

"It's well-documented that parent involvement helps kids do better in school, but during the busy school year, it can be tough to set aside quality time with the kids. That's why a nationwide campaign is asking parents to hav... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Mommy Business Cards

Jul 23, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Tim Sullivan, Parent Involvement

What will they think of next? I love this concept, but I think there's a huge, huge missing ingredient. Have you seen these new mommy business cards? How can you possibly fit all the needed job titles on a single card? I mean... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Blame Mr. Rogers

Jul 10, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Tim Sullivan, Parent Involvement, Kids Learning, Helicopter Parents

When I was a kid, I'd sprawl out on my parents' bed each morning before kindergarten to watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I loved Mr. Rogers. Not so much the show, which creeped me out a bit (particularly the puppet Lady Elaine... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Dinnertime Debate

Jul 02, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

Since my oldest child started on solid food (a little more than 13 years ago), I've been feeling guilty about how rarely our family sits down together for meals. Those first few years I worried that we were missing an opportu... Read more
Tim Sullivan
Goldilocks Parents

Jun 27, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

Lord, give me balance as a parent. Please. Help me check in but not overwhelm. Help me try to get things just right. Help me make sure that summer is fun, while also keeping those little brain cells firing once in a while.Hel... Read more