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Talk about school

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When You’re the New Mom (or Dad) at School

If you think being the new kid at school is difficult, try being the new parent. Your child may have the ability to make new friends during class, over lunch, and at...

10 Ways To Help Your Child Successfully Return to School

Whether parents like it or not, we are our children’s barometers. How they react to potentially stressful situations like the first day back at school depends on h...

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8 Back-to-School Family Traditions

Creating back-to-school memories for your children can be simple or elaborate. The tradition doesn’t matter; what does is easing them back with a special memory.

Are You a Helicopter Parent?

You’ve heard the term "Helicopter Parent." They're the moms and dads who hover low over their children, ready to swoop in for a rescue whenever the going gets tough. But kids learn best when they’re allowed to try things on their own, even if it means occasionally failing.

To see where you fly on the helicopter spectrum—too low, just right, or totally off course—answer these questions.