The Challenge of Learning Issues

How to get your child assessed and how to advocate for your learning disabled child.

Tips To Help Your ADHD Child

Helping ADHD Students Get Organized for School

For children with ADHD, the ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time is impaired by neurological deficiencies that make it hard for them to stay on top of ...

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Following Directions: An Important Kindergarten Skill

If a child is to succeed in school, he must be able and willing to follow directions.

Reduce Fear of Tests for Learning-Disabled Children

Taking tests can be extremely frustrating for children with learning disabilities.

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Reading Problems May Signal Other Learning Troubles

Learning disabilities often become evident when otherwise good students have trouble keeping up with reading and writing.

Know the Symptoms of Autism To Catch it Early in Your Child

Autism is a neurological disorder that usually appears by age three and can cause the most trouble between ages two and five.

Help Build Your Child's Attention Span

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Lend Your Voice About Learning Problems

Question: I'm interested in strategies for learning for processing disorders.

Question: I have a 1st grader who is really struggling with reading. Tutoring the basics has not seemed to help...

Group: How do you motivate your special needs child?

More questions asked and answered about learning disabilities and special needs