Learning Issues

How to get your child assessed and how to advocate for your learning-disabled child.

Tips To Help Your ADHD Child

Help for Absentminded Students

Tired of delivering forgotten items to school? The "no-rescue" approach could help your child learn to remember.

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Learning Challenges

What Is an IEP?

Explanation of the individualized education program for students with special learning needs.

Address Learning Challenges Early

Potential learning problems don’t have to hold back your child. If you’re worried, speak up early to enlist help from teachers and support staff.

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Why Are Boys Lost in the School Shuffle?

When it comes to school and learning, statistics show that boys are falling behind. Here's how parents can help close the achievement gap—and help their sons reac...

Managing Middle School With ADHD

Navigating the middle school years can be especially difficult for kids who have ADHD. Having the proper support systems in place can help your child have a positiv...

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Lend Your Voice About Learning Problems

Question: I'm interested in strategies for learning for processing disorders.

Question: I have a 1st grader who is really struggling with reading. Tutoring the basics has not seemed to help...

Group: How do you motivate your special needs child?

More questions asked and answered about learning disabilities and special needs