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Holiday, curriculum area, and grade based printable worksheets, including coloring pages, connect the dots, word searches, math worksheets, math games, and more


Print & Use Tools: Activities, Worksheets and More!

Our Print & Use Tools make it easy to continue the learning at home. You'll find lots of fun activities that you and your kids can do together. Our printable worksheets are a great supplement for families who want to practice at home what's being taught in school. And you'll find lots of handy tools to help organize your family's school life in the Home Tools section.

Home Tools

5 Quick Tips (12 Files)
Chore Charts (6 Files)
Internet Safety (7 Files)

Activities for Sick Days

Life Skills (11 Files)
Maps (12 Files)
All About Me (15 Files)
Plants and Bugs (15 Files)
Animals (34 Files)
Astronomy & Space (10 Files)
Biology (9 Files)
Chemistry (6 Files)
Environment (52 Files)
Physics (7 Files)
Other Science (10 Files)

English/Language Arts Worksheets

Grammar & Syntax (4 Files)
Spelling (40 Files)
Writing (142 Files)
Vocabulary (12 Files)
Writing Prompts (38 Files)

Math Worksheets

Geometry (4 Files)
Math Flash Cards (10 Files)
Other Math (36 Files)

Reading Worksheets

All About Books (13 Files)
Color Words (8 Files)
Word Recognition (51 Files)
Letter Recognition (25 Files)
Other Reading (35 Files)

Family Science Adventures

Go Green