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Fun printable activity worksheets, including crosswords, connect the dots, word searches, coloring pages, missing letters, and more.



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Fun printable activity worksheets, including crosswords, connect the dots, word searches, coloring pages, missing letters, and more.

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Mars Orbiter Word Search hot icon
Learn about the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter while completing this word search |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3247  |  Created on: 09/12/2008
Women's History Month Worksheet: Word Scramblehot icon
Rearrange each group of letters to find words related to Women's History Month.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3202  |  Created on: 02/19/2009
Rosh Hashanah Coloring Page: Family Celebrationhot icon
Ring in the Jewish New Year with this Rosh Hashanah coloring page depicting a whole family celebrating the holiday. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3202  |  Created on: 08/25/2009
Plant a Tree Coloring Pagehot icon
Find the difference between each picture. This coloring page provided by Henkel. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3172  |  Created on: 08/31/2009
Fill-in Multiplication Times Table - 12x (no answers)hot icon
Printable sheet to help practice multiplication facts. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3171  |  Created on: 10/31/2012
Dora: Spanish Flash Cardshot icon
Use these flashcards to help your children practice their Spanish.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3169  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Winter Olympics: Identifying “S” Wordshot icon
Draw a line from each word in the left column to the picture that matches it in the right column. Includes Winter Olympics-themed words.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3135  |  Created on: 12/18/2009
Christmas: Pattern Identificationhot icon
Printable sheet provides a fun way for young children to practice critical thinking during the holidays. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3117  |  Created on: 12/05/2012
Dora Seek and Findhot icon
Help Dora find all the books in the picture.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3090  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
May Day Word Scramble Worksheethot icon
Rearrange each group of letters to find words related to May Day.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3024  |  Created on: 03/20/2009
Identifying Word Roots: Thermhot icon
Identify the elements in each word by circling roots and underlining prefixes and suffixes. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2992  |  Created on: 03/09/2010
4th of July Word Scramblehot icon
Rearrange each group of letters to find words related to July 4th. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2976  |  Created on: 05/29/2009
Graduation Connect the Dotshot icon
Practice your numbers by completing this Graduation-themed connect the dots activity. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2940  |  Created on: 04/20/2009
Wetland Inhabitant Word Searchhot icon
Word search covering animals you will find in American wetlands |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2888  |  Created on: 09/09/2008
Kwanzaa Word Searchhot icon
See how many Kwanzaa words you can find in this word search from the list at the bottom. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2844  |  Created on: 11/24/2008
Graduation Coloring Page: Happy Graduate Holding Diplomahot icon
Celebrate graduation with this coloring page showing a girl in cap and gown holding up her diploma. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2838  |  Created on: 04/17/2009
Henry and Mudge Matching Game—Game Pieceshot icon
Game pieces for the Henry and Mudge-themed matching game. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2820  |  Created on: 10/05/2009
Christmas Missing Lettershot icon
Cute, holiday-theme worksheet to keep kids entertained while they're learning. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2818  |  Created on: 12/05/2012
Number Order: Which Fish?hot icon
Practice identifying the order of numbers. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2760  |  Created on: 03/09/2010
Summer Olympics Connect the Dotshot icon
Practice number order and motor skills with this simple Summer Olympics-theme connect the dots worksheet—then color in the picture! |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2739  |  Created on: 04/05/2012
Ramadan Word Searchhot icon
Find Ramadan and Islam-related terms in this word search activity.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2692  |  Created on: 08/19/2009
Cards for "Word a Day" Collectionhot iconpto schoolfamily icon
Printable word cards to add to your "word a day" bank are a fun way to help improve reading skills. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2670  |  Created on: 05/06/2013
Women's History Month Coloring Pagehot icon
This Women's History Month coloring page depicts a woman in front of a lectern. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2608  |  Created on: 02/19/2009
Global Carbon Dioxide Maphot icon
Global carbon dioxide coloring map |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2590  |  Created on: 09/09/2008
Weekly Assignment Sheet - M-Frhot icon
Assignment sheet can help kids and parents stay on top of their homework and other assignments. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2588  |  Created on: 11/29/2012
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