Children this age are highly aware of how they compare with their peers. They may view cheating as a way to keep up.

Cheating is serious. But you can help your child from turning one mistake into a more severe problem.

  • Help your child work out a more rigorous study schedule. If she is better prepared for the next test, she won’t be as tempted to cheat.

  • Get special help, such as a tutor, if your child has fallen significantly behind. If you are worried about cost, her teacher may know a student who would be willing to help your child a few hours a week.

  • Assure your child that what you want is her best work, not a top grade at any cost.

  • Never do projects or homework for your child. This only feeds a feeling that she can’t get through school without having someone else do part of the thinking.

  • Arrange a meeting between you, your child, her teacher and a counselor. Discuss how further cheating could harm her future. Form a plan to help your child boost her performance on her own.

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