Here are some ideas to help keep their enthusiasm high:

1. Check your attitude. Even if you had a difficult time in school, you can still help your child see the value of education. Tell her how important it is, and let her see you reading, balancing your check book and following recipes.

2. Give “A”s for effort. Say things like, “Wow, you put a lot of work into that project!” or “I saw how much you studied for that test.”

3. Build on your child’s interests. Tie something your child is very enthusiastic about—sport, music, art—to what he is learning in school.

4. Encourage kids to enjoy learning for its own sake. Allow them to explore what interests them without having to have a preset agenda—like going to a particular college or into a certain profession.

5. Think like a child. If the day is particularly beautiful and friends are beckoning after school, don’t insist on homework right then. Acknowledge you understand how your teen feels and be a little flexible.

6. Give time to daydream. Kids need time off to let their minds wander and their imaginations soar. It’s their own way of learning, and it helps create zest for education.

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