When your child starts kindergarten, she will have to listen and follow directions, skills she is learning in preschool. But she will also have to concentrate enough to follow through on academic work. Here are some fun activities you can do at home to promote concentration:

  • Show your child a bright, lively picture in a favorite book. Have her look at it for a minute. Then take it away. Ask her to tell you everything she can remember about the picture.

  • Play board games with your child and other family and friends. These games are great ways to teach following directions. They also naturally encourage children to pay attention. Many children follow the action closely to make sure the other players are not getting too far ahead!

  • Encourage your child to memorize simple, familiar rhymes and songs. Start with easier ones, such as “Jack and Jill.” Later, move on to those with verses, such as “Old MacDonald.” A Mother Goose book from the library can help with this.

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