But with practice, they can learn to concentrate better, which will help them in school. See if your child enjoys these concentration activities:

  • Make a megaphone. Cut the bottom off a two-liter plastic bottle. The top can be used as a megaphone. Cover its edges with masking tape to make them smooth. Then play a game similar to Simon Says. Tell your child to follow your instructions only if you say them through the megaphone. To make the game more difficult, have your child close her eyes.

  • Create a handshake. It’s fun to have a secret handshake that only you and your child know. Start with a regular handshake, then add movements one at a time, such as clapping hands or tapping elbows. Each time you add a step, let your child practice the handshake. See how many moves she can remember.

  • See with your fingers. Cut a hole in the top of a box. Make the opening large enough for your child’s hand to fit through. Place an object in the box while your child isn’t looking. Have her reach in and guess what it is.

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