Without knowing much about it, they decide it’s boring. They’re wrong! Geography is the study of our Earth. It’s fascinating! You can easily show this to your child.

  • Geography is home, and close to home. You will certainly want your child to know his address. Interest him further by showing him your home street on a map. Now use the map to find familiar places such as school, church, or day care.

  • What kind of place is home? This, too, is a geography question. Ask your child what she knows about your neighborhood. Which tree is her favorite? Does it snow in the winter in your town?

  • How many people? How close is your nearest neighbor? How many families live on your block?

  • What do people eat and wear? What language do they speak? Chances are you live in an area where many different cultural backgrounds are represented. If not, this is a good opportunity to introduce your child to the idea that people speak a variety of languages.

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