First, draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. Write your child's birth date at the top, and today's date at the bottom.

Then talk with your child about the important things she remembers in her lifeêeverything from learning to ride a bicycle to getting a new baby brother. Together, record those events on the time line.

As you work together, remind your child of all the things that make her unique. Help her see

everything she has accomplished. By seeing how far she has already come, she may be encouraged to try even harder. Here's one child's time line:

Sept. 9, 1983 I was born

Sept. 1984 Learned to talk

Sept. 1986 Started preschool

July 1987 Went to


Flower girl in wedding

Sept. 1988 Started school

Nov. 1988 Learned to read

Sept. 1990 Learned to ride bike

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