Kids said it is the intense pressure to do well in school and sports.

Twenty-four percent of young people said that is what they worry about most.

We don't want to eliminate our children's desire to do well. But we may want to rethink the kinds of messages we give them.

When you watch your child in an athletic event, do you criticize his performance afterwards? Or do you try to focus on the fun of participating?

What happens when your child brings home a test? Do you first talk about the questions she got wrong? Or do you look for what she got right?

How about when your child helps you with a household chore? Do you emphasize the things he needs to do better? Or do you thank him for his help and talk about one thing he did especially well?

Does most of your conversation with your child focus on the things she hasn't done? (Clean your room! You forgot to feed the dog.) Or do you try to say something positive as often as possible?

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