Studies show that divorce affects kids at school. Sometimes, they are sad. They daydream more and concentrate less. Their grades and conduct can suffer.

Studies also show that children bounce back more quickly when parents and schools work together on their behalf. If you’re going through a divorce—inform the school.

Set up a conference with the teacher. Be as honest as possible about what’s happening at home. Tell her you want to work with her to solve any problems.

Notify the school office. Tell them when your marital status changes. Let them know of any change in address, phone number or job. Then they will know where to reach you.

State who has legal custody. Ask that your child’s report cards and records be sent to both parents (if permitted by the court).

—Adapted from: Survival Guide for Busy Parents: How to Help Your Child Do Well at School While You Do Well at Work, 1983 (The Home and School Institute, 1201 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036, 202-466-3633).

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