But the education children get depends a lot on what parents do at home.

“Children look to parents for guidance, even though they might complain about adult interference in their lives,” says Agnes Holt, an assistant principal at Fairlawn Elementary in Ft. Pierce, Fla.

To help children have a very successful school year, Holt recommends that parents:

  • Establish a bedtime schedule that your child needs to do his best in school.

  • Limit the time your child spends playing and watching TV.

  • Model and emphasize good eating habits.

  • Talk with your child every day about school.

  • Be informed about the school’s expectations for academic achievement, conduct and dress.

  • Contact the school if you have questions or concerns about any facet of your child’s education.

  • Be involved in school activities, especially the parent-teacher organization.

  • Be supportive of your child. Be generous with hugs, smiles and positive responses.

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