At least, her interest is waning. Here’s a strategy to boost your child’s interest in school. Help her make a connection between school and things she likes to do.

When kids begin to see this connection, they begin to have a more positive outlook on school.

Ask your child to tell you what she likes to do. Let your child answer in her own words.

Write down her answers and then ask: “How can school help?”

Here are some possible connections, for example:

1. I like to make and fly model airplanes. School can help me find out about different types of planes and how they’re made.

2. I like to help mom in the kitchen. School can teach me how to read recipes and measure.

3. I like to watch cartoons. School can teach me how to draw and how cartoons are made.

4. I like to visit grandma and grandpa. School can teach me how to write good letters.

You may not be able to make a connection for every response. But you should be able to make enough connections to show your child that school does tie into things that have meaning for her.

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