The Internet is open to everyone. This freedom is one of the Internet’s most important qualities. But it is also a reason to be cautious when using it.

Anyone can put up a website. And there are few restrictions on what those sites can say. Share these tips with your teen for a valuable and careful experience on the Internet.

The site should:

  • Look professional. It should be organized and easy to get around. The writing should be clear and use proper spelling and grammar.

  • Offer information that is easy to check. Good sites will often tell you exactly where their information comes from. Or they will offer links to other sites that can verify the information.

  • Be relevant. If you are doing a research project on African art, the site should provide useful information.

  • Be credible. Never use a site if you don’t know who is behind it and what the author’s credentials are.

  • Be clear about its purpose. Is it only for information? If the authors are trying to advance a cause, what is it? Are they trying to sell anything?

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