Students who achieved a perfect score on the SAT report that they read more—for school and for pleasure—than other kids their age.

A study of perfect-score students found that they spent an average of 14 hours each week reading. About nine hours of that time was reading for school, with the rest for fun. That’s about double the amount of time other students spend reading.

These students read everything: newspapers, magazines, and books—all kinds of books. As a result, they have bigger vocabularies and tend to read more quickly.

Where do these teens find the time to do more reading? Mostly by watching less TV. Perfect-score students spend only about 4 hours a week watching TV. Most teens their age watch at least 10 hours of TV. Other than that, perfect-score kids are pretty normal: They hang out with friends. They play sports. They spend time online.

Encouraging your teen to read more may not help him earn a perfect score on his SAT. But it will help him improve his reading. That should lead to better grades and better test scores.

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