According to memory researcher Charles Brainerd, it’s natural for children this age to be forgetful. With all their responsibilities—such as homework, activities and chores—it’s hard to remember everything. These ideas may help:

• Use visual cues, such as notes and “to do” lists. You can even leave creative reminders, such as a flower on your child’s desk to remind her to water the garden.

• Assign only one new responsibility at a time. Show how you want it done and give step-by-step instructions.

• Talk about responsibilities ahead of time. On Sundays you might discuss plans for the week. Or each night at dinner, you might review the next day’s schedule.

• Use routines to turn chores and other duties into habits. Each morning your child makes her bed, eats breakfast and checks her backpack to make sure she has everything.

• Teach memory tricks, such as the rhyme “Thirty days hath September.” Kids like simple methods that help them remember things.

• Let your child see the results of her forgetfulness. She may get an “F” for leaving homework at home. But she’s more likely to remember it the next time.

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