You can encourage your child’s reading ability with these steps:

Establish a routine. For example, make the half hour before bedtime “family reading time.”

Visit the library regularly. Talk with your child about what’s available there, including newspapers and magazines. Make sure she has a library card.

Volunteer at school. Studies show that parent involvement is linked to reading achievement. Talk with the school about how you can support literacy programs.

Encourage your child to write. Reading and writing are closely connected. Exchange notes with your child or give her a diary or journal.

Research extracurricular activities. Choose some that involve reading. If you can’t find any, ask the school for help.

Give reading tips. For example, show your child how to look for the main idea or make an outline.

Provide reading material. Put interesting books, articles and poems where your child will see them. Find other things to read, such as signs, recipes and instructions.

Ask for help. If your child is having trouble with reading, don’t hesitate to talk with her teacher.

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