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Building Learning Skills

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Learning at Home

  • For Students, Parents, and Families, There Are 26 Top Apps for ThatWhether it’s keeping track of school assignments, remembering your kids’ allowances, or avoiding doubles on the grocery list, new software applications abound.
  • Handwritten Thank-You Notes Offer Many Ways To LearnParents can add humor—and math and history learning—to this task, which is one that most children initially resist.
  • Instill a Love of Learning in Your ChildTo encourage curiosity and a passion for learning in your child, discuss things you’re interested in, show her real-world examples, and don’t forget to take her lead.
  • Divorce: How To Help Your Child at Home and at SchoolDivorce can wreak havoc on a child’s world and affect her life at school. How much information should a parent give a child’s teacher and other adults in the child’s life, and how should the child tell her friends? Our experts provide tips and guidance for parents to help their children navigate this difficult life experience.
  • 7 Ideas for Celebrating Leap Day2012 is a Leap Year! Celebrate that extra day in February—the 29th—with your kids, using some of these fun and educational activities.
  • Today’s Multitasking TeensToday’s teens spend seven-plus hours a day involved with some type of technology or media—including time when they’re studying or doing homework. A researcher specializing in teens and media offers tips for parents to help kids disconnect and focus.
  • 13 Summer Learning ActivitiesThese fun activities can help keep kids’ math and language arts skills sharp during the summer break.
  • Summer Fun and LearningNeed something for your kids to do this summer? Try these activities that balance fun with learning.
  • Teach Your Child To Love ReadingThese tips from teachers will help your early elementary school child read better and enjoy reading more.
  • Top 20 Destinations for LearningLooking for great places to visit with your children? You can’t go wrong with these—our favorite spots where education is so fun, your kids won’t even know they’re learning.

View all 'Learning at Home' articles.

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