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  • Make Family Meals CountTime spent enjoying meals together can pay off in stronger family bonds—and much more.
  • Power Snacks for Active KidsKids need healthy foods to fuel long days of fun and learning.
  • A Balanced DaySimple steps toward a well-rounded daily routine.
  • New Limits on School Snacks: How Will Your School Be Affected?Federal rules on school snack sales will take effect for the 2014-15 school year. Find out how the changes will impact your school, events, and fundraisers.
  • What’s for Breakfast?What your children eat in the morning can affect how they perform in school. Here are some tips for getting the day off to a healthier start.
  • Delicious, Colorful, and Healthy School Lunch Box IdeasThese fresh ideas for school lunch meet all the criteria for success: ease of preparation, nutrition, colorful presentation, and involvement from your child.
  • 7 Tips for Easy and Painless Meal PlanningSpending a few minutes planning meals for a week eliminates last-minute “What’s for dinner tonight?” woes.
  • School Lunch Menu IdeasYes, you can find a sack lunch that your kids will like and that’s healthy, too—even if they don’t know it!
  • Fun Lunch IdeasComing up with fresh ideas for your child’s lunch box can be challenging. These simple dishes are nutritious, but still fun enough that kids will give them a try.
  • Schools Push for Healthier SnacksBirthday treats and bake sales are out at many schools. Baked chips and fresh fruit are in.
  • School Cafeteria MakeoversKids need a nutritious lunch to stay focused in school. Here’s what some school cafeterias are doing to offer healthier foods to students.
  • Breakfast Ideas for School SuccessA healthy breakfast lets kids do their best in school. Try these ideas to help children get the nutrition they need in the morning.
  • Food Allergies and School-age KidsGood communication and education are key for children with food allergies, their parents, school administrators, and other school employees.
  • Can Food Help You Learn?Eating certain “brain foods” might make your kids smarter...but research shows they’ll be better off with a balanced diet, a good breakfast, and regular physical activity.
  • Nutrition for KidsIdeas on how to improve your child's eating habits.
  • 5 Sack Lunches Kids LoveDistract finicky eaters by putting together a meal that’s so much fun to eat, they won’t be thinking about whether it’s on their short list of “likes.”

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