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    3 Keys to School Success

    Get your children charged up and ready to learn with these tips.

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    5 Sack Lunches Kids Love

    Distract finicky eaters by putting together a meal that’s so much fun to eat, they won’t be thinking about whether it’s on their short list of “likes.”

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    6 Childhood Illnesses That Are Icky, Gross, and Disgusting (but Harmless)

    They’re unpleasant but exceedingly common. We’re talking about head lice, ringworm, and other “icky” childhood illnesses that are more repugnant than harmful. Here’s how to handle them...and the “yuck” factor.

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    6 Tips To Help Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

    Children develop a body image of themselves, positive or negative, as early as age 8. Here’s what parents should know about how that “snapshot” is formed, and six tips from child experts on how to improve your child’s self-image.

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    A Balanced Day

    Simple steps toward a well-rounded daily routine.

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    A Better Lunch Box

    A great lunch for kids is satisfying, tasty, and healthy. Here are some ideas for creating healthier versions of lunches kids already love.

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    A Stress-Free Morning Routine

    A missed school bus. Forgotten homework. Arguments over outfits. Does all this sound unbearably familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone; almost all parents have experienced some frustration about their child’s morning routine. The good news is that a little patience and planning can go a long way toward better school mornings for everyone.

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    After-School Energizers

    Fun ideas for healthy snacks kids will actually eat.

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    After-School Options for Fun and Learning

    Many communities offer interesting and cost-effective alternatives for filling a child's after-school hours with opportunities for fun and learning. Have you checked out what your community has to offer? You might be surprised.

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    Backpack Safety: Help Balance the Load

    Help prevent backpack-related injuries by teaching students how to safely carry their books home from school.

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    Concussions in Youth Sports: When in Doubt, Sit It Out

    The incidence of concussion among student athletes is on the rise, as is knowledge about trauma the brain sustains during and after a concussion. Many states have passed legislation requiring school concussion management plans, but awareness of concussion symptoms begins with parents—and student athletes themselves.

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    Does My Child Need Antibiotics?

    Taking antibiotics for the wrong reasons can have a negative effect long-term. Find out when antibiotics will help your child get well and when they won't.

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